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Products and services

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Butt weld bends

We produce an extensive range of butt weld bends in T304 and T316 stainless, aluminium, and mild steel, on both 2D and 1.5D radius.  Available direct to the public – contact us for price list, or come check our seconds bin.

CNC-capable software to assist with design and planning

We can work from a pattern or sketch,
and use specialised bending software to convert data into instructions for our bend operators, making the custom tube fabrication process fast and accurate.

Aqua pool ladders and steps  

Manufactured in 38mm diameter T316 grade stainless steel tube, electropolished to increase its anti-corrosive properties and useful lifespan, our in-ground or deck-mounted aqua pool ladders and steps are available with AES plastic treads that include a reinforcing stainless steel rod for added durability and safety.

Tube Bending pool ladder.jpg

Aqua safety grab rails  

Manufactured in 32mm diameter stainless steel tube, knurled (grooved in a criss-cross pattern to provide a non-slip surface), and fitted with 70mm diameter flanges with stainless steel cover plates, aqua safety grab rails are ideal support rails for elderly and disabled people, or in any area where there's a risk of slipping or unbalanced footing.

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